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    Default Dealing with an 11 mo and 2 year old.. Exasperated!

    As i write this my Dd who just turned 2 is screaming in her cot, having been awake since 5:30 she is disgustingly ferral. Meanwhile the 11mo DS is asleep as he too has been awake since 5:30.
    Im so sick of my DD - yes i know she is only being a typical 2 yo and i know my tolerance is lessened as DS still wakes to be BF 3-4 times a night, but DD has always been a wild one. She has a lovely nature at times, is fiercely independant but nothing i do is enough for her. She has the attention span of a pea and any activity is cut short by her carry on not wanting to continue. Car journey longer than 5 mins is torture. She is addicted to her dummy which i had previously weaned her off during the day. I am so so sick or her and i dont like her very much right now.
    Dont judge me. I dont even think i want advice. I just want to vent and probably just stop myself from going in and giving her a good hard smack. ( i dont smack my kids- but god i feel like it some days) .

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    No judgement, just some great big small age gaps are tough, really tough, for a good long while. I have a sick 3yo and a sick 18mo, both who are waking overnight and DH is having a reaction to his meds that he needs to take to go away with the Army so he is no help. It's tough, because they know when your reserves are low and they take that as an opportunity to wreck havoc!


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