We buy our fruit and some vegetables from the local fruit and vegie shop. If you go in after school with the kids they give them a piece of fruit to eat.

Most of our meat is home bred, raised and slaughtered. What we don't have, we trade for. I usually trade with the pig farmer here, two 3.5 kilo pork shoulders and a kilo of bacon for either four chickens or 10 rabbits. Sometimes it's a goose.
That's pork that is as fresh as possible, raised free. It tastes a hundred times better than supermarket meat, same goes for the meat I trade.

Eggs, from our hens.

Herbs, we grow. Lettuce, carrots, celery, cherries and corn we grow ourselves.

The dogs and cat eat the meat I raise and kill. The cat has to have taurine in her food, as all cats do, so we buy the powdered taurine powder from a supermarket.

Toilet paper, we buy from woolies. I've tried elsewhere, and it's revolting quality. I'm a bum-paper snob, I like it soft on my bits.

We don't eat junk food or soft drink anymore, DD has one small snack for school every weekday. Usually we buy the bulk boxes of Scooby Doo snacks from the Reject Shop for that.

My soup comes from Woolies. I adore my Campbell's condensed chicken and mushroom soup...absolutely in love with it. I still buy that.

Mostly we buy from Aldi or the Reject Shop.