So DD is finally on the right antibiotics. But..... she is being treated for a bacterial infection.
My DD has PDA (a heart condition) and if the bacteria gets from the infection to her heart it can give her an infection to her heart leading to IV antibiotics to treat that
The only sighn that there is something happening is 6-7 days worth of temps 38 and above today is the second day.
I question this tempriture at the moment because we had the after hours doctor out and he said that she had a chesty cough and was put on antibiotics to help the First bacterial issue that she had and the chest issue. I am just really hoping that this temp is not from her heart having any issues
She is lathagic and whingy. It makes me so sad.
I am writing her temps on the calender so that I can keep track of them, I just hope they go away by Wednesday!