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    Default Sleep dilemma! Help

    Hi ladies, I am after some suggestions with my 8 month old. My 2nd baby is completely different from my first. From day 1 he has loved his sleep and loved to be wrapped. I currently have him sleeping in an ergo cocoon and he used to sleep all night. I have 2 dilemmas. For the past 6 weeks he has started waking in the night and it's getting to the point of him waking 6-10 times some nights. He never used to take a dummy until he started teething which was around the time he also started waking. He now loves the dummy which is why I have to get up to him so much I think. I did controlled crying with my daughter with the dummy at 10 months and had such success so was wanting to attempt it with my son. I just don't know if I should do it with or without the dummy? My daughter used to find hers herself eventually and put herself back to sleep but she is now 2 and a half and still has to have her dummy at night. Also I live on the goldcoast and as it's coming into summer I was wanting to stop with the ergo cocoon and let baby's arms out as he is 8 months now. He has the habit where he scratches his head especially when he is tired and sometimes makes his head bleed so I am not sure if I should do controlled crying first or let his arms out first? Obviously I don't want to do them both at the same time. Any suggestions?

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    I have no experience with a dummy as my son would never take it.

    However, I'm thinking more towards if your baby is 8 months and still has arms strapped in, maybe he's waking up and wanting to roll and move around, and can't...? I'd suggest clipping his nails really short to deal with the scratching problem, and get him a sleeping bag so his arms are free. If he's happy to roll around, maybe he'll be happier at night to roll and move around the bed.

    My son started crawling at 8 months and by then he was definately rolling around the bed in his sleeping bag, sleeping at all angles and pretty happy.

    I'd change his sleep wear to a bag - give him a few nights to get used to it, and if he's still waking then maybe deal with the dummy issue.


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