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    Default The fertility centre springwood and PCOS

    Hello all,
    My partner and I have finally decided to start ivf! After 2 years trying with not one pregnancy!
    I contacted the fertility centre on Wednesday last week and the earliest they could get me in was 12/11/2012 such a long wait!!

    Just wondering what everyone's experience is with this clinic and what could I expect?
    Also people who have PCOS and are currently getting ivf treatment through this clinic what is the experience you have had and did it work?
    Thank you

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    Hey Jessy 91, now joining the club. How have you fared to date? I have PCOS. transferred last Friday, now on my 2ww...

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    Hi Jessy91,
    My husband and I are just about finished our first ICSI cycle with the Fertility Centre Springwood. This is our first time doing IVF so I can't compare with any other clinics. However I can say that not having to stress about $$$ as much and also the fact that you don't have to drive into the city, pay for parking and that everything is done in the same place has been great for me. I only live up the road so we have been very happy we waited to get in there. Yes we waited 6 months to get in but glad we waited. All the nurses are really lovely. ITs a very relaxed centre. Also I was so scared about no anaesthetic for Egg Pick UP but honestly it was no biggie at all. Happily go through it again without any stress. The valium and happy gas is great i have my blood test to see if I'm pregnant tomorrow morning but unfortunately i don't think it worked this time. I've done a few home tests and got negatives. I'm ok with that, didn't really except it to work first time around. Luckily I have two frozen embies so should get another try next month.


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