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    Default Please help my 7 month old sleep

    Quote Originally Posted by bedlover View Post
    Other things that were suggested which have probably been covered already are making sure day feeds are FULL feeds rather than just snacks. This was happening to me so I extended the time between feeds to 4 hrs so that he was hungry and really eating a belly full rather than having a few sucks then looking around at the world. When they do this they find they get more milk at the night feeds (cause there is nothing to look at) so continue day snacking and steadily increase the number of night feeds so that they are getting their full daily milk requirements.
    DD does this! Will feed between 2-8 minutes if I'm lucky during the day and 20-30 minutes at night. I'll try dragging her out like you've suggested. It can't make things worse

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    My DS has 45 min day sleeps, is 7 months old and sleeps exactly the same as yours at night! up sometimes evry 45 mins towards arly morning, before that every 1.5 hours.
    I end up sleeping with him ON me so we both get to have some sleep, he wont sleep next to me. Will sometimes sleep in his cot after being rocked to sleep or fed to sleep, sometimes not, Im super tired!


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