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Our supermarket does not give boxes away anymore either; they are a hazard because they clog up corridors, and also we get that many people ask to save some for them and then they never come in. There is simply not enough room to set them all aside. So we have a blanket rule now not to save them. Some staff members (especially day staff) are not aware of this, and occasionally will say that we can save them. Then us night staff have to be the one to tell them no. So the staff member you spoke to probably wasn't just 'being a b!tch', but was probably the one with the most up to date practice.

Just wanted to point that out.
I'd say she was as i spoke to a friend who only recently got boxes from the exact same supermarket.
I don't know how boxes would clog up corridors? When we saved them at coles they were kept out the back, pushed to the side in a trolley. We took the customers name and number and if they didn't come for the boxes they were chucked into the compactor the next day.

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