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    Default *Spinoff* for the ladies who use a cleaning lady

    Just wondering what you look for when you hire a cleaning lady?

    I'm considering 'opening up shop' so to speak; I already have an ABN; am happy to supply my own product or use the ones supplied.

    Do you insist on insurance / police checks / references? Would you actually hire someone who was 'new' at working as a house cleaner?

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    Default *Spinoff* for the ladies who use a cleaning lady

    I would hire someone who was new. I have used a franchise in the past because I like that they are still accountable to someone and not likely to run off with my house keys or anything like that.
    If it was an independent person I would want to be supplied with a copy of ABN and identity such as a drivers license before I handed over my keys. Insurance is a must also because if you broke/ damaged something I would need to know it would be paid for.
    I look at lists of what is included in the cleaning for the price. So for example some cleaning packages with prices. But like the option to customise. I prefer to set a 'ABC tasks will be completed' rather than a ' 2 hours of cleaning' system. I have seen too many cleaners say they didnt have time to do Job B this week. I want to know all the jobs will be done and not tat time has ran out because the cleaning was hungover, tired etc and didn't work as fast this week.
    You could try a half price first lean or something like that so that you can show people you I'll do a great job. I hate when cleaners don't clean thoroughly and I feel the need to go over something myself. Defeats the purpose of having a cleaner.
    Suggest people can change it up every second week. For example I would like my floors and bathrooms done every week but instead of dusting and leaning the laundry each week I would prefer to have it one every second week and on the alternate weeks have something else done ( like linen changed).
    Hope that helps. I miss having a cleaner and it will be top of my priority list when I go back to full time work.

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    I have a cleaner who comes every 2-3 weeks when I have some extra $$$. I fit in with her schedule. I like her to use my products. Over the years I have had a few different cleaners ranging in age and gender.

    I prefer someone who will work through the list of chores that I give them each week rather than them doing what they think needs doing. I have found some do that and it annoys me!

    I have domestic insurance so it covers the cleaner but I imagine others would like you to have insurance. I have never asked for a police check because i'm kinda lazy, naive and I like to think everyone is good (never been ripped off by a cleaner yet). Plus I am often home whilst the cleaner is there.

    I would hire someone new as I figure they would be cleaning their own home and if I didn't like the job they did I would not ask them back. I had a cleaner once who would lay on my bed reading my books-she had 30 years experience. I had another one who would whip around, stay 25 minutes, get paid for 2 hours and have her morning bowel movement in my bathroom before she left (so my nosy neighbour would report)- she had 12 years experience.

    Best cleaner I ever had was a young mum, needing cash during school hours and was thorough. If you like cleaning- go for it!

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    We've just had a cleaner now for about 2 months, and I love it!

    She's a friend of a friend, so I feel comfortable with that. I don't give her a key to keep, but if I'm out I leave the key outside for her.

    She does 2 hours, exactly what I've asked her to do, eg bathrooms, floors, windows, etc. She's super fast, and uses her own allergy-free products.

    I think if I was hiring someone I didn't know, I'd be asking for references, or probably just staying home doing some work while they were there, just incase. It's not that I don't trust people...... I just don't trust people, haha.

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