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    hi ishtyban, all the best with the job, I hope it all works out very well for you. Everyone has an opinion, noone knows your personal history, or even how you might be coping from day to day, so dont let their opinions bother you. hugs, Marie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libbyoverton View Post
    I am a stay at home mum and really feel terrible about it sometimes. I feel like a should be contributing as well and that I do such a terrible job of being a stay at home mum that DS would be better off at day care with all the extra stimulation. I think good on you!!! I wish I was brave enough to get a job.

    I think that because I have been a stay at home mum for 16 months that I have lost my identity. I am now just a mum and don't have anything else to offer anyone.

    Big big hugs to you..

    can I tell you that all of us.. ( well all the SAHM's I know) feel like this..
    we all doubt ourselves and think we are the crappiest!
    I bet you are not ..

    But I also relate to the loss of identity and I know how that can really get you down.
    Your post really really spoke to me as I totally get how you feel and if you ever want to chat, please PM me.

    There is no right or wrong to which mum path we take..

    well work is going great. Passed the medical, security exam and induction.
    I start training on monday.. 3 weeks paid training.. 7.30 till 5..


    I have a hot uniform though haha

    Most of my friends are starting to come around..

    Although I love the comment..
    Dont whinge to me, you choose to work hahahahaa


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