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    Default A Baby Story - Foxtel?

    I've been watching this show, and well I'm finding it hard to comprehend! Based in the U.S, these women giving birth are 'diagnosed' and 'prescribed'. 5cm dialated and an epidural shot, or are getting to the point of needing an epidural, I'll get you one.
    Very rarely do they speak of going through labour without it. It's just a part of the process over there.

    Call me crazy, but I've never seen that before, and always though an epidural is an option to help when things have gotten tough, eg: long labour, large baby etc


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    Default A Baby Story - Foxtel?

    The US version of one born every minute was very much like this as well, as opposed to the UK version where I think pretty much all the mothers used gas but that was mostly it. It's a different ball game in the US and I actually just got really angry watching and couldn't do more than one episode!

    As soon as the women enter labour ward the bed sheets are pulled down for them to hop in and lay down on their backs.

    I remember one mother got an epi then failed to progress and ended up with a Caesar. She was very upset and they said oh you did all you could. I thought, but hangon, she laid in bed for goodness knows how long, on her back, what could she have done?

    I support any woman's right to drugs in labour but find it sad that they are just shown that this is how it is to be and dont know that there are other options and ways of birthing, that could save them being upset like that one I mentioned above.


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