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    Red face Just got Aspergers diagnoses, no idea where to start and overwhelmed?!


    I know this is a small issue compared to what others on here face but I have no idea where to start of what to do. My son is nearly 5 and his behaviour has worried me for a couple of years and have just been given (more like dumped with) a formal diagnoses of Aspergers. Just after info on what other parents first did when they got the same diagnoses, any resources I could use to help my child at home (at school next year) and anything you've implemented or used at home to help ease meltdowns (having around 7 a day here). Just super confused with the whole thing at the moment and the internet search just overwhelmed me!

    Many thanks,


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    I've just joined a Facebook site I searched autism Australia and it came up, heaps of great advice/tips.

    We got digonosed at 3-4 and did early intervention, speech therapy and OT.
    Visuals help explain things better, talking in 3-4 word sentencises, say exactly what you mean as they can't read between the lines, umm can think of much at the moment as its late but feel free to pm me.

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    My daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers earlier this year (she's 8).

    My advise is as follows:

    1. School: try and organise funding for an aide (if it's not too late). He will benefit from their assistance in interactive situations like sport and to help him organise his reading and writing, etc. Make sure he sits up the front of the class as this will allow his attention to not wander as much. Be upfront with his teachers as you want them on your side (and make sure he is given a teacher who can best cope with him).

    2. Get to your paediatrician and get a mental health plan sorted so you can get medicare subsidised OT and psychology sessions (you get 10 per year, although 16 just for this year). It is very likely he'll have fine motor issues, as well as poor core stability (ie: tummy muscles), so will need an OT to help him with his pencil grip, etc. Also get a mental health plan from your GP in place. Seeing a psychologist can give you and him coping strategies to transition well into school and make the best of social interaction.

    3. Get him into a physical activity that will allow him to interact, without being invasive. We have started our kids in karate (my eldest has PDD-NOS as well) and they love the karate. It helps with the core stability and co-ordination (which is often not good with Aspie kids), there's not a lot of physical contact, and there's a great outlet to release frustration. I also like how they get regular rewards by grading up in belts, which can give them a sense of accomplishment, something so essential when they often feel overwhelmed by everything else.

    4. Join the local disability group (I'm in Melbourne, so if you are as well I can tell you what's available here). They can give you assistance with activites just for Aspie kids, camps and just general guidance. My kids go to a main****** catholic school, but they enjoy their Aspie outings as it allows them to relax and just be themselves.

    5. Read up on it as much as you can. Tony Attwood is a world re-knowned expert on aspergers and his books can tell you all you need to know.

    Feel free to PM if you like, and good luck!

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    Where are you located? I am in Perth, WA so most of the stuff I know I only relevant to other people in WA.



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