Hi guys,

Newbie here
Just wondering if anyone can offer some personal recommendations or feedback on childcare in the Ferny Grove/Keperra/Samford area...I am having a really hard time finding any vacancies for my little girl (she's 15months)...but the one place I HAVE found a spot available had what I can only describe as a "funny" vibe to it It was Tadpoles at Samford. The manager was lovely, quiet, not overly "bubbly" i guess...but nice enough...as was the other staff member I met. But the centre seemed eerily quiet, and I'm just wondering if anyone has heard any good or bad reports? I am pretty desperate to get her in to somewhere ASAP as I have ongoing health concerns and being a single mother, am finding it really hard to look after my little one....

Any other opinions on other childcare centres/family day cares in the area (either good OR bad...both are important to me!)...can you please take the time to respond. Obviously want the best for my girl and childcare can be a pretty scary option when you're not sure where is good and where isn't If you would prefer to email me please feel free to do so...my email is angecross23@gmail.com.

Thanks heaps