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    Default Bicorneate uterus and subchorionic hemorrhage, about to add 'nervous breakdown'!

    Hello all! First time poster here, so please be gentle lol! I am 13 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy has been massively stressful time! I have a 7 year old daughter and discovered this pregnancy at 5 weeks, no morning sickness which was an absolute godsend considering the nightmare I went through with my daughter!

    Since about 6 weeks I have been on a rollercoaster, with bleeding and pain. I had a scan where they discovered a bicorneate uterus for the first time, also a small bleed from a hemorrhage. During this time I had a day where I was admitted to the ED after experiencing pain so bad that I couldn't breathe, 000 was called and morphine was given (crazy that when I had the flu I couldn't even have nasal spray but mainlining morphine is apparently 'ok'!)

    I was sure that I was losing bubs, but an ultrasound showed bubs kicking away in there.

    The bleeding continued on and off, and after many battles with my doctor (he just isn't very good, getting ultrasounds have been a fight and he didn't know how to refer me to pathology for my nuchal scan!) I asked him to refer me to a high risk specialist (apparently he should have done this the moment it became a 'high risk pregnancy', which was when they discovered the bicorneate uterus.)

    A subsequent ultrasound 2 weeks ago showed that the hemorrhage had cleared up, and the nuchal scan was a-ok. Passing the 12 week milestone let me relax for the first time, and I started checking out baby stuff and maternity gear for the first time.

    This week everything went crazy. Tuesday night I started gushing blood, with a lot of pain. Much heavier than a period, I called an ambulance, and by the time I got downstairs my jeans were soaked with blood. I got the cool whistle thing in the ambulance (I'd always wanted to try one of those things since watching Bondi Rescue!) and couldn't stop crying, especially when the ambo kept saying 'be positive!' Bit difficult when you are giving a great impression of a macabre niagra falls!

    They examined me in the hospital, I was doubled over in pain, more morphine was given, I was examined and they said my cervix was partially open, my hcg levels had dropped and that it looked like I was miscarrying. I was gutted. They gave me codeine and sent me home, advising to get an ultrasound in a couple of days, to see if I needed a D&C. 2 days of pain and continual gushing later, yesterday I went to the ultrasound. My partner was in the waiting room for moral support.

    I didn't look at the screen as I had just seen my baby bouncing around at the nuchal scan, and it would be cruel to see whatever it looked like then. The tech then said 'look at the screen!'. The baby was there and had a heartbeat. I called my partner in, we were stunned. We had been grieving for 2 days!

    A few hours later, the bleeding had not stopped, and I started feeling dizzy, my doc couldn't fit me in so I went to the ED, where they tested my blood etc. They got the ultrasound report from earlier, and I have another subchorionic hemorrhage, which has it's own blood supply, which explains the pain and massive bleeding. The doctor said " This will be a difficult pregnancy, and unfortunately stressful, as we can't say for sure what's going to happen."

    So, after this marathon of a first post (it's been quite therapeutic!), has anyone gone through what I am at the moment?? How o you handle not knowing what's happening?? IS it naive to look at baby things, and even more so to start lay-bying?? I don't know how much more of this I can take!
    Bub obviously has grappling hooks in there, so I'm staying strong for them, but wow this is a nightmare!! Any advice?? Sorry for the novel!

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    Default Re: Bicorneate uterus and subchorionic hemorrhage, about to add 'nervous breakdown'!


    I can't give you any advice about the hemorrhaging but I have a bicorneate uterus

    I put the smiley face in because quite honestly from my experience it's not a huge problem now you are pregnant, it's the getting pregnant bit thats hard. Your not high risk unless your uterus is 2/3 divided. I've had both my boys safely, no complications.

    Your doctor sounds like an idiot. Change and see a decent doctor ASAP.

    I'm sure there's ladies on here who can releate to the bleeds, but a bicorneate uterus is incredibly rare so if you want to ask anything just PM me.



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