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    Default BFF 30th Birthday Party or DD2s Friend's 1st Birthday ~ WWYD???

    So, my very best friend, who I've known forever and who I lived with for 5 years before I got married, and who has just come home from being overseas for the past two years, is turning 30 in a couple of weeks. Let's call her K.

    Now K is having her party at the TAB in our home town 2.5 hours away and has invited DH, I and the girls. She has said that children are very welcome but that there will be no entertainment for them (there will be more kids than adults). Also, and this isn't anything I hold against her, but K is single (very much feeling the clock ticking), she would love for us to go...


    DD2 has a little friend, who is 3 week younger than her, and her first birthday party is on the same day. Its about 10 minutes away at their home and obviously very child friendly!

    A few other things to consider: I've had a reflux baby for the last 12 months (seem to have turned a corner, thankfully and can see the light at the end of the tunnell); the following week DH is working in Central Qld and the most important (LOL), that night we have our local Strawberry Festival on (I know first world problem), which is very exciting for us!

    Now, I know that I think I have made up my mind, but I still feel so torn, I don't want to hurt K! I was thinking I could tell K, that I will take her out for the day (and if $$$ allows, away for a night), on another weekend, just the two of us, child free...

    I kind of feel that now we have had children, that it is about them, and we should go to DD2s party.

    Driving 2.5 hours, then chasing children around a pub, at my friend's party is not my idea of fun! LOL... There is no one to baby sit the children if DH and I just went...

    Am I making the right decision? What would you do?


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