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    Default HELP! Best health care fund for dental?

    So it looks like I need quite a bit of dental work done

    I have no health cover at the moment but am wondering whether it might be helpful in the coming months as I get on top of my teeth issues...

    Can anyone help me with which funds are best to go with as far as dental goes. I really have NO idea about this kind of thing as I've never had health cover. I don't really need hospital cover so perhaps just 'extras'? Are there any funds with 'no wait' periods? can you op out at any time or are you locked in?

    Would really appreciate any help with working out what, if any, fund is best...


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    Default HELP! Best health care fund for dental?

    What kind of dental work do you need? If its just fillings and stuff, we just joined medibank on the 'top 70' extras which is no hospital cover, just extras. It basically means we get 70% back on the things that are covered. (except things like optical, where it's $225annually).

    It will depend on your own circumstances but it costs us about $87 a month for our family (after the govt rebate).

    But hubby only needed things under the 'general dental' list. I think extractions and root canals and all that is pretty limited ($1000 annually i think). Our coverage is unlimited for 'general dental' and we didn't have any waiting periods for most things. For the major dental there is a wait time, and a few other things, but we really only got it for hubby's teeth. It's been worth it so far. We have already saved about $1500(probably more) (in 3 weeks).

    I asked about the 'opt out' period and the guy wasn't too clear, but he said he had heard of people stopping their coverage really soon after joining and having to pay something for all the work they had done in the short time. This is secondhand hearsay really, because he wasn't very clear and I wasn't really listening. Basically, there was no contract and therefore no 'early cancellation charge'. And we plan to keep it for a while anyway.

    My advice is to do lots of calling and comparing online. When we first started looking we were clueless, but it's pretty quick to get a grasp on what all the different funds charge and what they cover.


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