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    Hi guys - we got phi around same time as we realised we needed ivf. My clinic goes to an expensive hospital in Melb for EPU and cost us 1300 first time for day surgery fee plus 450 for anasthetic etc. For the next IVF cycle we were covered which was good and clinic is now using private hospital 10 min away from us. Insurance also covered part of the specialists fee as well. For us and being in a high tax bracket we would be charged more for not having the insurance than by having it. I am with Latrobe and they are really good. When we knew we needed IVF we did quite a bit of searching on what policies cover IVF etc. We will then reduce our cover when we dont need it anymore.

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    Default private health, is it really worth it? opinions please!

    I have gone through 1 IVF cycle and 3 FET cycles without PHI or as "self insured". We have gone through a private hospital for EPU and each transfer and I'm happy with the way we have gone. OOP total to date is about $8k but we wouldn't have gotten all of that back with PHI and we would be paying a couple $k each year for PHI - adds up in the long run! Also, with the govt's new changes on the 30% rebate it's even more expensive!!


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