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Thanks Ladies. I've just been raised to push push push. It's really hard not to hear "you can do better" "take pride in your work"

It's hard, I feel like I'm giving all I can to every place in my life but I still feel like I'm dropping the ball so to speak. How do I know when what I've done is enough.

I know I do a lot, I work 40hrs a week, I'm renovating my house, raising 2 kids - one with Aspergers & trying to get fit. It's a lot & I want to go to Uni too to make a better life for my family financially. I earn good money now but I want hubby to be able to have all he dreams of; new house, his car rebuilt etc.

And above all I want to set a good example for my kids. I want my boy with aspergers to not expect the world to look after him because of having it. I want him to succeed & make his own way & I believe by modeling that, it'll help him a lot.
Oh hun, you are asking so much of yourself. You are setting a great example for your kids by being a loving mum, you don't have to conquer the world to prove anything to them.

Remember, you and your DH need to work as a team, and you don't need to shoulder the burden of giving your DH all of his dreams. If you burn yourself out you will not be any use to anybody. Screw the in laws, set realistic goals for yourself as a family and remember that you don't have to have everything now.