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I agree in finding a "currency" that motivates him. I have taught quite a few year 7 classes so am familiar with the age group and there are many distractions that can keep them off task. I would be thrilled if a parent asked me for a weekly update because it means that you are being supportive and not ignoring the issue. If the positive reinforcement and currency system isn't working then you may need to look at playing hard ball. It depends on his personality - what works for some kids won't work for others. I generally find that positive reinforcement works better though with most kids. You are doing the right thing as a parent though. You wouldn't believe how many parents choose to ignore these situations and let the teacher "deal with it". You will experience a lot more success with him if you and his teacher are on the same page and working together. He will know that he can't get away with anything because you have the communication lines open with his teacher. I hope he finds some motivation soon. I just wanted to add that he might misbehave more in a lower Maths group because he is obviously intelligent and will get bored. However, I see where his teacher is coming from in teaching him that the top group is for serious learners. Maybe talk to him lots about that. Good luck!!
Well said KCT...this fellow teacher applauds you comment and ideas