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    Default Gestational Diabetes drink and morning sickness

    Is there a Gestational Diabetes test that does not involve the yucky drink? I am 21 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness has stayed strong the whole time... mainly nausea but I've had my fair share of puking too.

    I am concerned that if I drink that drink (which I hated last time) I will puke and the test will be null and void and I'm gonna have to do it again.

    ETA: After reading other posts... my DD was 3.4kg. I had the GD test last time and was fine. I do not crave anything sweet in fact being pregnant has cured me from being a chocoholic. I have not put on much weight 2-3kg over 12-15 weeks.

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    Default Gestational Diabetes drink and morning sickness

    I refused to have the drink so my doctor ordered a blood test instead. I've also read that there are plenty of other things you can eat or drink like grape juice or banana sandwiches but all if the info as been American based. I'm not sure if they allow that here too.


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