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    Default Just started walking and now won't sleep through

    Hi everyone - my darling boy is one year old next week and four days ago starting walking... Great we thought! He has also starting waking at 4 am inconsolable - I caved and he fell asleep on me and now he wants that every morning - he is also resisting his day naps so I' m trying him with just one nap in the middle of the day .. He seems to make it through without the second nap but you can tell he is tired .. He used to be able to self settle and go from 630pm to about 5.30-6 am .. He eats like a horse and is still on three bottles a day - any thoughts- should I try a bit more cry it out? Once he can walk properly do they settle back down?

    Thanks for any advice,

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    I'm not sure it's really got much to do with your bub walking now....

    My DS has tried a few different things on us in the last 2 years - waking up 1 hour after he goes to bed, clinging to us when going to bed, and waking at 5am and not going back to sleep. Also he just had a period when he stopped day sleeps for 4-5 days altogether.

    Through everything, my rules are to stay strong and don't give into him. They're just trying new tactics. They're learning new things (walking, etc), and they're learning how we react when they try new things.

    I think honestly if you gave into him every time, or cuddled him to sleep, etc, he'll just learn that it's OK, when it's NOT.

    You're in charge. Stay strong. Keep your routine. Kids love routine, because they know they're safe and they know what to expect. But, they'll continuously push the boundaries anyway. If he's going to 1 sleep per day, then keep it consistent. IMO, I'd be keeping him in bed for sleeps. If he wakes really early, shush him or reassure him, but leave him there. It might take a few days of hell, but he'll realise that he can't get away with whatever he wants to.

    Good luck! The little monkeys change the rules all the time, but be consistent and remind him that you're the Mum for a reason

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