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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachael623 View Post
    Hello - new to this site,

    I'm 14 weeks with my first and I'm really beginning to stress about not being allowed a c-section. I don't have any medical reasons to get one but the thought of having to go through labour just makes me feel sick. In fact, pregnancy all together has never appealed to me, although this baby wasn't planned, it's very much wanted.
    When I found out I was pregnant, I had a lot of people telling me that I could get a c-section which made me feel a whole lot better until my first appointment at the hospital when the lady I saw told me straight up that I wouldn't be allowed a c-section unless I had a medical reason. She wasn't the doctor I'll be seeing the for rest of the check-ups so I will get to ask someone else on my next visit (the one I'll be seeing for the rest of the pregnancy).
    I'm having trouble getting across to people the reasons for my decision, basically, I know that having to go through labour will not be the best decision for me or my baby. I hate attention, I will not want people around me making decisions and telling me what to do, it just stresses me out. I'm also the kind of person that gets very overwhelmed when there's things that don't go as planned (I don't need to name the hundreds of unplanned things that could happen to you or baby from the time you get to hospital to the time you leave).
    I know this is a stupid fear, but the thought of people poking around 'down there' and having to get stitches just makes me so upset, I'm definitely not the kind of person that wants to show it to the world.
    I know this makes me sound terrible but I don't think I would love my baby as much as I should if I have to go through labour, It's already making me depressed just thinking about it, I'd hate to think what I'm going to be like if I have actually to go through it.
    I could go on but I know that I should be telling the doctor all this, I just felt so small when the lady abruptly told me no. My confidence to get my point across went away after that.

    The only other thing I can think of is to go to a Private hospital (currently I've been going Public). I'm just not sure how all that works, I only have a Medicare card but my mum told me I'm still covered under some health insurance she has, but (don't be judgemental) I'm 17 at the moment and will be 18 when I have the baby. So I don't think that's going to be any use to me at all.
    If a Private hospital will let me have a c-section how do I go about having it there? Money isn't an issue at all.
    And I guess what I'm asking does anyone have advice on how I can get my c-section? And what I can do if I just keep getting refused?

    Both my partner and I know this is the right decision for all 3 of us, I just can't believe in the year 2012 there's no choices.

    I'm in Queensland (Brisbane area) if that helps.

    Now I have only read the OP - no other replies as yet.. But most private health will cover you on your parents insurance up to the age of 21, some even up to 25 if you are still a full time student.

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    but isn't she only covered if her parents have obstetrics cover already on their phi? if they aren't covered for obstetrics then she wouldn't have cover for private maternity on the phi.

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    Default Re: Having trouble getting an elective caesarean?

    havent read all replies, but can you go to antenatal classes at ur local hospital? they were great for me and my ex husband. showed me exactly what to expect and took lots of fears away. a girl in the class still stressed badly and had to do a psychological assesment and based on the results she was having a c-section.

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    I had an elective c-section in May, no medical reasons so I went private. The OB cost a bomb, but you do get some back from Medicare. PHI only covers the hospital stay, and you have to check whether you have maternity cover.

    It was expensive, but I have no regrets, it was an awesome experience for me.


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