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    Default When to worry bowel movements?

    Hi there,

    Ds3 is 9 months old and has not had a bm since last wednesday. He is breastfed and does not take many solids at all (a couple of teaspoons every few days), except for last wednesday when he ate a fair bit of pear, banana and blueberry puree. Since then nothing. He still feeds every 1.5 hours over night so i thought this would have helped? He is slso doing very smelly farts and is more unsettled than usual... Any suggestions? He doesnt want to eat anything, and also isnt feeding ascwell as normal, so its a bit hard to get fiber foods in him...

    (the eating is a whole other issue, i believe he has oral aversions from reflux...)

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    Default When to worry bowel movements?

    Perhaps try some pear juice or prunes?
    Banana can constipate, so maybe wait until he is regular again and trial that again.
    Is he distressed? Has he got a really tight and bloated tummy?
    If necessary you can try some para choc or lactulose for him.
    Good luck. My ds sometimes gets bound up and it is horrible to watch him go.


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