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    Default bad mood/over it.... rant!

    :-) in the morning I get up with DH make him coffee breakfast and lunch, proceed to put together keys wallet phones anything he needs to take with him, kiss goodbye at the door... Poor guy would probably never get out the door otherwise, but I get to go back in bed have my coffee watch a little tv and cuddle my baby he has to drive through traffic and spend the day in an office

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    The bad breath thing is... foul. My partner regularly doesn't brush his teeth and I simply tell him that I am sorry, but I am not going to want to do things with him if he's all stinky, so he either deal with that, or brush them. He's crazy because he spent LOTS of money to get those teeth (he waited until he was 18 to get braces and have his front 2 teeth filed, because they were kinda long, so paid for it himself), and now he doesn't look after them. I tell him I'm not having him pass his oral bacteria on to me (I'm not even sure if that's possible, but I'm not risking it), since I look after my teeth.

    Are you able to roll away though when he sleeps? I DO NOT face my partner when he's facing me in bed. I just can't stand being breathed on, even if his breath is fine.

    The 45min showers are ridiculous. Has he been living under the rock that tells you to have 4min showers for the past 5-10 years? He needs to cut back.

    The coughing up phlegm thing though... I feel sorry for him. I am too lazy to go see a doctor, but for over 12 weeks now, I've had that issue. Sometimes it gets in this spot where I can't breathe without it ratting in my chest, and I cough and cough and cough... because I can't help it. I would rather not, but you kinda can't really help phlegm. Nobody wants it, but it's there. And yeah, it's gross. I often apologise to my partner for "being so sexy," when I cough (obviously sarcastically).

    I dunno, I get the phlegm probably isn't the real problem, just something that bothered you. I got irrationally annoyed at DP for semi-crushing the bread in the boot by putting a ladder on top of it.

    Hope your day has improved since this vent this morning.


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