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Lol YES me! (I have anxiety though)

It's a suprise I have any friends really.. Well no, it's not a suprise, I'm a GREAT friend to the right people

I'm very laid back *cough*lazy*cough*, and my best friends are the same.

We rarely get together but talk on the phone/Facebook, & were very much in love with each other & close& involved with important aspects of each others lives.. I guess I'm so comfortable with them, I don't feel the need to build new friendships with people who require more effort.

I often turn down invites (but rarely with my besties) I prefer to have quite time at home & send DH (or DH & DD) along.

I used to feel pressured to attend things etc but like you I realized I don't really want or need to.
Nope, this pretty much sums it up for me!

Me & DH +
DS 2