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    Default Suddenly refusing bottle

    13 week old DD has been breastfeeding with one formula feed per day since birth. DH used to give her the bottle late at night but since 12 weeks she has started settling for the night early so we have missed a few bottle feeds. Now she is refusing the bottle, even when hungry (we decided to move the bottle feed earlier). I would like her to keep accepting the bottle so I can have the flexibility to go to work, and I have had horrible luck expressing. What can I do to encourage her to take the bottle again?

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    My dd was exactly the same. she had been breastfed with ebm top up from birth and one formula bottle before bed from 10 weeks. All of a sudden at 14 weeks she just started pushing the teat out and crying when we tried to give her the bottle. We persevered every night but didn't push it too much (as long as she put it in her mouth I was happy). Almost as suddenly as she'd stopped she started again but it did take about two weeks of trying each night. Sorry its not an instant fix but my advice is just to keep trying. Oh and I tried other bottles as well but that didn't work either. Good luck.

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