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    Quote Originally Posted by tubster View Post
    Do you think fever is a symptom of teething? Did your toddler have fevers or elevated temperature when they are teething?

    DS is 18 months old and suddenly got a fever last night of 38.8 degrees, gave him Nurofen but it came back up within 4 hours and had to give Panadol. His temperature would go down for 3~4 hours after a dose of medicine but then come back up again and I had to alternate between Nurofen and Panadol. TOday on top of the fever, he has runny poos also that smells AWFUL. Theres no symptoms of a cold, no coughing, no pulling ears, doesnt seem to be in pain when peeing.
    One tooth did cut through but that was before he got a fever. He hasnt been restless or whinging or sleep deprived.
    Will take him to see the doctors tomorrow just for a peace of mind. But like to know what everyone thinks.

    Please share your thoughts!
    This is exatly what happened wen dd1 cut her 2yr old molars she had the the same temp for 3 days and just lay on the couch i gave her panadol nurforen to control it then she slept most of the days and the she was fine but not other symptons either.

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    Thank you ladies for your replies!
    We didnt end up going to see the doctor because his fever hasnt been as high and only gave him 1 dose of Panadol all day today. Think hes recovering from whatever it is

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