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    Default Has anyone been to Cambodia with young children?

    So its our plan to visit Cambodia in the next few years. Would like to visit the capital then head to siam reap to visit the temples. Can anyone share their experiences?

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    Default Re: Has anyone been to Cambodia with young children?

    I havent been with children and I wouldn't. Phnom Pehn is one of the scariest cities I've been in, and I've travelled a lot. Lots of very desperate people trying to scam you. Plus the child prostitution trade is right out in the open DP and I stayed there 2 nights, on the first night he went out alone to the markets etc, as I had food poisoning, and he first got scammed by a bar which turned out to be a brothel, they charged him US$50 for two drinks because he was sitting on his own and a girl appears from the back to sit next to him and she orders a beer too, then he gets a bill for $5! He argued for a few minutes but didn't want to end up dead so just paid it and headed back to the hotel. On the way back he got 'offered' very young girls (10-13 year olds) on multiple occasions now I know he was probably silly to go out on his own, but I wouldn't take my kids there ever. Siam Reap was amazing, but the weather was extremely harsh (most days 40 plus with hot wind) and the temples weren't terribly safe for adults being really careful where they walked, again I wouldn't take little kids.

    Maybe Vietnam would be a better location?

    ETA reading over my post I'm not sure I've made myself completely clear- I think travelling to Cambodia with small children would be a huuge hassle. It would be hard to keep vigilant of your surroundings while trying to keep track of the kids, ditto at the temples- you probably won't see much if you're trying to make sure they're not jumping off high walls, and the heat will limit how long you'll be able to be out at the temples. I would personally wait until they were old enough to be trusted to stay with you, listen to instructions etc.

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    Default Has anyone been to Cambodia with young children?

    I spent time in Cambodia as a volunteer and am currently saving so we can go back as a family. I will take my children there. You just have to be aware. It's a place that is recovering from war. It was effectively not that long ago... I would prob suggest S R if you are after lower key. People sometimes forget they are third world countries.. People there scam, traffic ect to survive. If you end up going I can recommend a tour guy in SR

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    I love Cambodia, i much prefer it to Vietnam.

    Getting around is getting much easier, but you still are unlikely to find kids car seats or even a clip to fit a car seat if you took them with you. You would have to be ok with them sitting on your knee on next to you.

    Yep, there is prostitution and beggars and drugs (there is in most countries in the region), but we found if you said no, then people accepted that.

    The weather is extreme, but there are 'better' months to travel. Will you wear/carry your kids or take a pram? It is not very wheelchair/pram friendly, especially the temple areas but a stroller umbrella type pram could work.

    At Siem Reap, generally people hire a tuktuk for the day and the driver takes you between temples and waits while you explore. You might be able to get a car as 'taxi'.


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