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    Default Inguinal Hernia - experiences please!

    Tonight we found a lump in my 7 week old's groin that a quick trip to the emergency room confirmed is an inguinal hernia. It is not strangulated, but the doc at the hospital said he will need surgery as soon as possible and referred us to a pediatric surgeon to call on Monday.

    I am so distressed at the idea of my LO having surgery. I can't bear the thought of him going under anasthesic and being in pain afterwards.

    Has anyone been through this? Please share your experiences.
    Is surgery the only option? How bad is it? How well did your LO recover? Were they in much pain afterwards?

    I would appreciate any advice or information.

    Thanks xx

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    Hi Geomic,

    We were told, and my research supported, that the younger the child is the sooner the corrective procedure should be done.

    My son was 3 when we first noticed his hernia, although it was always elusive to Dr's when it came time to see what was happening. The concern is that the smaller the hernia the more chance of it becoming strangulated and causing further issues.

    As far as I am aware surgery is the only option for repair. TBH the surgery was a lot less traumatic on him than it was on me! He recovered really well and was up and about wanting to bounce around merely hours after the surgery. He only had neurofen and panadol for pain relief and at 4 (the age he was when it was repaired) he is not backwards in coming to tell me if something is wrong or hurting. Kids are remarkably resilient with these things and bounce back a lot better than us adults.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. All in all, from discovery to repair it took us about 18 months of living with his "third ball" as he termed it. Now he is just like all the other kids with an awesome scar (that probably shouldnt be shown to other kids lol).

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    Default Inguinal Hernia - experiences please!

    One of my twins had one that was found at her 12 week check up, it was also not strangulated.
    She was booked in for surgery and during the waiting period it actually healed itself, I was told by the paediatric surgeon that it's quite common.
    So glad she didn't have to go through it.
    Good luck with your appointment on Monday, I'm sure your LO will be fine if surgery is definite.


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