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    Default Progesterone side effects or 2ww symptoms

    Oh ok cool

    How exciting! Can't wait to hear your good news!

    Well being in central qld there's not a lot to choose from,, we have only just moved here a few months ago) I've heard good things about 2 obs,,. I want to meet both.. What don't think?

    I don't want a rigid ob, want one that is calming and doesn't have a high intervention rate. One of the obs is the only one in CQ that is trained in breech birth. Who knows!

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    Default Progesterone side effects or 2ww symptoms

    I think it's a good idea to meet them both and go with the one you are more comfortable with you really need to have a level of trust with them. I like your theory on low intervention too, I'm with you on that!

    My FS called today (I see prof Illingworth at IVF Aus). He is a lovely Scottish guy. He wanted to touch base with me re my hcg results. Says I'm in a high chance of more than 1. After discussion though he said that there is only a 1% chance of a split blasty, so I still think I'm good with a singleton he was very reassuring and said if I had any issues or questions in the next 2 weeks before my scan that I should just call his mobile. Naww


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