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    Default Sleep promotes sleep...says who?!

    So I've always been advised sleep promotes sleep. I am yet to experience it.

    Dd1 (3.5) was great between 4-8mths then moved house and went to poo.

    Dd2 (7mths) is doing my head in!
    We were bfing till FTT reared it's ugly head so is now in formula. At the switch she was settled content and happy. Finally! Fast forward 2wks and she will have 2 x 2hr day sleeps if I rock/pat/hum her to sleep.
    "her nights will fall into place when days are sorted" said the chn. Well I have one choice word I have to say to that....but I won't.

    I've been trying to get into the local sleep clinic at the family care cottage since 3mths old and still waiting. They keep losing my referral.

    This is starting to stretch the poor family as we are all tired, stressed and cranky.

    I don't know that I'm strong enough to do cc as she is one determined little person.

    I'm just not sure what else to do but ride it out and hope she grows out of it. Admit defeat.

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    Default Sleep promotes sleep...says who?!

    I just bought a sleep package thing from a website. The document is 80 odd pages and called mastering sleeps and schedules.

    It also works on the basis that the better they sleep in the day, the better they sleep at night. It kind of makes sense in that it says if they don't get the rest they need in the day, they become over tired and even if they go to sleep at night, they find it hard to transition between sleep cycles because they are too tired and tense to transition.

    It makes sense but easier said than done! PM me and let me know your email address and I'll forward you the document if you want.

    I have only really read the first 10 pages but it sounds promising! It includes info on schedules, giving 4 different schedules per age and talks about transitioning from 3 naps a day to two, to one, to none etc. it also talks about how much sleep babies need at different ages and how long they should be awake for at a time.

    The package came with a money back guarantee so I'm putting my faith in it.

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    The sleep promotes sleep was never true for us. DS2 had 2x3hr sleeps during the day. Id put him down and walkout and he would self settle and sleep. But he would go to sleep with struggles at midnight, and wake 2hrly from then.

    Ive read all the books. Ive tried everything. DS2 is 15mths old. He did about a month of sleeping through (random). We are back to non-sleeping though. He goes to sleep whinging, wakes after 2hrs. Then stays awake for 2-3hrs, then goes back to sleep (with me sitting in his room). Then wakes hourly from then.

    I dont know what else to do either. It was harder when he was little. Its easier to be sleep deprived now than it was before.

    hang in there.


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