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    Default need info about using expressed breast milk , please help?

    so i exclusively breastfeed my 5 week old boy however i have started expressing breast milk with the intention of using it to feed him when i'm out in public like at a shopping center, and also if for whatever reason i need to have extra set aside say for an emergency.
    The thing is i'm not finding any info on how to go about transporting it, what temp i can feed it to him, how long it can stay at certain temps, and tips on how to get him started on drinking from a bottle. Should my partner feed him so he doesn't get confused , like he associates the bottle with my partner and the boob with me or is that just silliness and he wont care? We are hoping to only have to feed him from the bottle once or twice a week , but should we do it more often so he gets used to it? and when i feed him from a bottle im supposed to express around that time so my supply doesn't run low right? please help i would like to be successful at this but i also dont want to hinder my supply or potentially harm my bub by giving him off or badly thawed/stored milk.
    thank you for any help.

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    Default need info about using expressed breast milk , please help?

    You will find everything u need to know about expressing and storing milk here: https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bf-...ing-breastmilk
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    Default need info about using expressed breast milk , please help?

    As above that link has info. I expressed milk for bubs first 5 days as she wouldn't latch. But when she did latch I continued to express and she has had a bottle atleast once a day. I haven't noticed any confusion with the bottle so I wouldn't be concerned about that. I also take expressed milk if going some where and then have the option for dad to feed bub

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    If you want to chat to someone call the ABA on 1800 686 2 686.

    The link above has info on safe storing of ebm. this link is also good for how to feed a baby ebm https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bfinfo/caregivers.html

    Expressing and bottle feeding can be a pain in the bum. Is there something you are worried about with feeding when you are out? Parent rooms at shopping centres can be pretty nice these days, and most have separate areas if you want to breastfeed in private.

    Over time, i found that it was just easier to feed baby wherever i was. I wear a breastfeeding singlet and a cardy, and it was much less obvious for me to feed baby than to try to calm a screaming baby who just wanted a feed.


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