Hi ladies,

I'm afraid this is going to be pretty long ...

I had a missed m/c in May and had a D&C. Before, and since D&C, my cycles have been 24-25 days, O on day 13-14, and have an 11-12 day LP. This month AF decided to arrive after a 22 day cycle and only a 9 day LP. I still O'd on day 13 (used OPKs and temped) but my LP was shorter.

In addition to the shorter LP, my temps are MUCH lower this month than they have been before. Pre-O temps are usually around 36.30 and this month they were barely over 36.00 most days pre-O, and post-O temps were lower as well.

I actually had an appointment with a FS last week but he was pretty horrible and refused to even say much to me since I had been pregnant 3 months ago (appointment was made in Jan - it just took them 7 months to see me!). The only thing he let me ask about was my temp change this month and he said that a change of .3 degrees is 'nothing' and not to even think about it, but I think any change out of my normal is something to be concerned about!

So - I know even 11 days for an LP is on the short side I am thinking of taking a B-complex vitamin with 50mg of B6 (has B12 as well which helps absorption of B6) but has anyone experienced a temperature drop before? Is the drop in temp related to the short LP? I did have a temp spike which implies my progesterone is ok?

Any thoughts??