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    How weird

    A very sneaky thing to do. I would have felt really uncomfortable too OP.

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    Hi OP that is a very sneaky and unkind thing to do. I agree with everyone that she must have been needy to do this but she should have swallowed her pride and asked instead of trying to be dishonest and laugh at your expense.

    May be off topic but the other day I had to run outside my office building for a sandwich and instead of grabbing my bag i grabbed a $5 note as I knew that exactly was what it cost.

    As I was walking back this woman came up behind me and said 'excuse me can you spare a few dollars today as I will be sleeping on the streets tonight.' Now I already had brought my sandwich so had no money but I turned to her and said 'I am really sorry I do not have any money on me at the moment.'

    She turned straight ot me and said 'well your just a fat b*tch aren't you.'

    Now I always give to people asking for money on the street and in my heart I know I would have if I had any on me and she has an attitude like that. I could have just put my head down and pretended like I didnt see or hear her like I see most people do but I didnt and that happens.

    Seriously I know it sounds mean but it really has made me want to give less to needy people after that. I mean the entitlement this woman and the woman you experienced at the supermaket must have had.

    Sorry I know that sounds mean but I was really angry after the street thing and this actually made me angry as well.


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