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    Default Signs that AF is returning after baby??? Could i be preg??

    Hi, My lo is 4 months old. She is not my first baby and i can't remember when i got AF back with the others.(think it was around 6-7 months but others were night feeding) My skin is breaking out badly and i have low abdo cramps, not bad but noticable. I had pp bleeding for 4 weeks and nothing since then. Bub has also been fussy at the breast and is also waking for a night feed but usually sleeps 6-9 hrs at night. How long will it take for AF to come if that is what it is? Could i be preg? DH and i are using protection at all times but once a few weeks ago i we DTD and somehow some s**en leeked out of condom. (sorry TMI!!) Could it have got to where is wasn't supposed to and now i'm preg?? Please HELP!!! I'm paranoid!!!
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