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    Default Calmbirth Classes. Are they worth it?


    I have a few questions about Calmbirth Classes.
    Is Calmbirth the same as Hynobirth classes?
    How far along in pregnancy were you when you done this?
    Do you think they are worth it?
    Are they the same type of thing as the antinatal birth class?
    and if you in Perth where did you go? and was it good?

    Thank in advance

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    Default Yes, definitely worth it!

    It's probably too late for you, Rousey, but I thought I'd post anyway in case it helps someone else.

    The concept is similar to hypnobirthing where you use your natural relaxation ability to help labour effectively and keep control. The difference seems to be that hypnobirthing works on the relaxation concept alone, whereas Calmbirth wants you to be mentally present throughout so that you can still understand the interactions with medical staff if/when required. Calmbirth also gives your partner some good foundations and tools for what to expect/do, which helps the relaxation process immensely.

    I did Calmbirth (2 days, around $400, http://thecalmcollective.com.au/ in Perth) on the recommendation of a girlfriend in Canberra (who apparently had a painless labour...), and can't recommend it highly enough to everyone I know. I was lucky to have a dream birth (22 hours of focused labour, no intervention, natural 3rd stage, late cord clamping, skin to skin, etc) at one of the private hospitals in Perth which has a reputation for being eager to cut you open. I was complimented by every midwife we had on how controlled I was and how well my partner and I worked together. In fact when I walked in and said we had a birth plan the first midwife gave us 'the look'... until we told her we'd done Calmbirth. Then she said, 'ah, well that's different. I've seen lots of Calmbirth mothers stick to their birthplans in the Eastern states.'

    I felt like the best thing about the Calmbirth course is that they guide you on how to be calm regardless of your birth outcome. It's not anti-medicine/anti-intervention at all - it's just against unnecessary intervention due to fear or pressure. We have a cousin who did the course, laboured with a posterior baby for over 24 hours and ended in C-sect while still feeling like it was a total success.

    For comparison, we also did the hospital birth preparation course (1 day, around $170), which was embarrassing They sat us in a room and basically showed us a menu of all the types of intervention that could be used and the different types of drugs we could be given. The best part of the day was when they asked the women and partners to discuss what we thought would change after the baby arrived so that we could share our post-birth worries with our partners.

    So yes, I firmly believe it is worth it (can you tell?).

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    I also did a calm birth class and highly recommend it! I ended up with an induction so most of my birth plan went out the window bit still found it very useful!


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