DD (and the rest of the family) will participate in fundraising for various things. She recently raised $70 for a local animal foster care group that we put straight onto their vet account and she knows that other people around town have also been helping out, and that animals in foster care for that group will benefit from that.

She has in the past raised money for the local turtle hospital, and can see first hand that the money is used for food and medication that they all benefit from, and is very impressed with the amount of turtles that have been helped at that hospital.

But this is where it falls down for her.

Last year her money went to a group designed to prevent cruelty to animals, yet she sees this cruelty all the time, and wonders if money does anything to help. I tried to explain to her that the money goes towards helping these animals and also in education so we can hopefully one day put a stop to it. She finds this concept difficult.

She also participates in Relay for Life, the Cancer Council's biggest fundraiser each year. She has fun doing it, she likes to participate, yet after losing yet another person close to us to cancer, she said "We walk and walk and walk, we talk about it all the time, we raise money and more money and more money, yet people still die, all the time people die, why do we keep raising money?" Having lost these people alongside her, I started to wonder if we were on the right track but try to keep it simple for her. So I told her that the money also goes into helping family and friends of those who are battling cancer, and those who have survived, as well as the family and friends of those who have lost their battle with cancer. It's not all about finding a cure, it's about dealing with the fallout.

It has me feeling overwhelmed though.

How do you feel about fundraisers? Are there times when you just want to throw your hands in the air and walk away because the problem is too big?