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    Default Happy 1st Birthday.... how you got here

    I woke around 3am with some pains & got back to sleep around 5am, DS came into the bed and we all slept till around 7am. After I woke and fed Lachlan breakfast, DP and I had toast and coffee.

    I downloaded a contraction timer around 8:30am and started timing them not sure if it was the real thing or not. DP took DS for a ride around the block and I rested on the lounge. I had a shower and dad and his mate dropped around to show me his new car. DP put DS to sleep and I had a rest (still had contractions about 20 minutes apart).

    We went for a walk to the shop later in the afternoon got home and DP went and got dinner from McDonalds. We bathed DS and I went to lay down while DP put him to bed as the contractions were getting quite painful.

    We put Harry Potter on and I rang the Birth Centre to let my midwives know what was happening. Who suggested I call my mum to look after DS (so it wouldn't be a midnight call).

    Mum and her DP arrived and by the end of HP I was bleeding so I rang the hospital and decided to go in and get checked + the contractions were getting more painful. We left home at 10:45 arrived at the hospital to find the BC was too busy, so I was sent around to the birth suites with a middie to be checked out.

    Leanne was briefed with my details and a doctor was called and a canular was put in my hand. She did an assessment and I was 8cm and very close so she advised DP not to bother going to get the bags yet, I had several contractions till I felt the urge to push which I announced and they helped me onto the bed and kneeling I started pushing which surprised everyone, because she started moving down and out straight away. She advised DP to hit the button on the wall. With coaching I stopped from pushing and started panting and you arrived (12:15am), they passed her through my legs and onto my chest and helped me turn around and lay down.

    We waited for the cord to finish pulsing and I had the needle to help minimise blood loss for my platelette issues and then birthed the placenta.

    Your dad went to get the bags and make the phone calls while I got serious snuggles and he came back with your name

    What an amazing year

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    beautiful birth story. so calm!!! hope my labour will be calm like yours!

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    Congratulations and a happy anniversary


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