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    Default Renting as a single mum


    I am a single mummy to my 17 month old son. My ex and I seperated in January this year, and since then ive been living in a rental with my sister, together with my DS. She has now decided she wants to live with a friend, so come next February, it will just be me and my little man. I did discuss with the ex about the possibility of maybe seeing if we can work things out, but he made it pretty clear that he is enjoying "living alone" so im not even counting on that ever happening now. Not only am I nervous as hell about it just going to be me and DS, but im also worried about being accepted for a rental. At the moment,I am on a single parent pension and receving an educational supplement as I am also studying. I have been having a look at that rental affordability scheme, but not sure entirely how it works. I know that real estates will tell you that they wont discriminate against you for being a single parent, but deep down I know it will happen, which makes me even more worried. What did other single parents do, im interested in hearing other peoples opinion in the best way to approach the situation. I just feel so lost right now, I feel like ive been abanded by my family, even though they encouraged me to leave the ex earlier than what I wanted to, with the promise of help, which never came, and now my sister gets annoyed by DS crying at night and I know its the reason why she has decided to move on after our lease expires.


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    Hey there, just get out there and give it a go. It took me a while to find a rental on my own as a single mum, but persistence is key. Don't be scared. Hassle the local real estates until you get something. I was working, but I know a few single mums who have got private rentals whilst only on PPS- and we're in the middle of Sydney. Just get your paperwork together, ask around for ppl who will give you references, and away you go.

    Don't be put off if it takes ages- even double income couples with no kids take ages to find rentals in high demand areas. Don't get into the "omg they're discrimminating against me" mindset- trust me, I've done it and it only makes you bitter. Talk to the real estate you and your sis are currently renting through. Look up "Community housing" schemes in your area, ring them and find out how to apply. Look up house share websites/ads on Gumtree etc. Be proactive. You will find a place eventually, even if it takes time. Hang in there. x


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