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    Default Hidden costs of IVF?? ... getting very concerned

    Hi everyone

    I might be going down the IVF path in the very near future but think I have been mislead about the total costs involved. They always make ot sound like you will pnly be about $4000 - 5000 out of pocket. My phi won't kick in until next year so I add another $1500 on top of that. I have allowed about $7000 at the most for out of pocket costs. I just may be able to afford that (so this would be my one and only chance at IVF) however I was having a casual conversation today with a lady currently going through a treatment (she has no idea of my plans) and she was telling me that it will cost them about $8000 plus (out of pocket) as medications are very expensive and if you are fortunate to get pregnant then you have to spend about another $1000 on other medication that PBS or medicare does not cover.

    So now I am extremely concerned about all the hidden costs of IVF and have been very upset that I may have to give up my plans as I am 39 (single mother) and I don't have time on my side anymore and certainly cannot save anymore as I was fortunate to come into that very small amount of money to begin with.
    Can anyone shed any light on this please?? Thanks

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    Default Hidden costs of IVF?? ... getting very concerned

    For me each stim cycle I have been out of pocket just over $3000, but needed the full $8000 or so up front and medicare reimburse 3 weeks later. I have full phi so I can't comment on that. It also depends if you do IVF or ICSI or picsi. There are so many different scenarios. I advise going to the counselling and the financial counselling, you don't have to proceed if you don't want to an the counselling is part of the service and I on think you have to pay or it.

    I think it also depends on where you are.

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    Default Hidden costs of IVF?? ... getting very concerned

    I don't have phi & I paid almost $9k upfront then got about $5k back a few weeks later... Then I had to pay bed fees of around $300 each transfer on top of the $2,500 per transfer (out of pocket about $900-$1k) then there are appointments with your fertility specialist appointments which can be costly.
    We just worked ours out, for 1 IVF full stim cycle, including 3 transfers we are out of pocket $9k

    Would it work out cheaper if you did IUI??

    IVF ICSI BFP - but sadly miscarried @ 6 weeks..... :'(

    ET - 21/05/2012 - BFN
    ET - 14/06/2012 - BFN
    IVF all over for us for now..


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