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    • Quote Originally Posted by weazel View Post
      This is how I feel. Just curious, did your parents entertain at home? Mine didn't and I am sure that is where I get it from.
    Its an interesting point - but I posted a few days ago in this thread saying I don't like visitors, people annoy me yada yada.... And my parents always had people over. They were always entertaining and people would just drop by all the time and mum would get out the cheese and caviar. We kinda loved it as kids... It's kinda made me think I should make more of an effort. I enjoy my peace and quiet, but sometimes it can be a little too quiet u suppose. And DS would like it, and it would probably be good for me.

    It depends who it is though - there's certain people I wish would leave me the heck alone and go away!

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    Default Do you enjoy having visitors over? if not, why not?

    How funny that after this thread I had 2 unexpected visitors in 2 days! Hated it! Both DH's friends who invited themselves in. DD & I have been sick so I was in sloppy clothes and there were toys & tissues everywhere lol. Now today I have a fear that the same thing will happen so even though we aren't going out I'm getting dressed and keeping the house clean just in case lol

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    We have a small group of Friends that I LOVE having over, we all click and each family brings a small dish of something yummy and we make an arvo of it etc. Some family no They pick holes in the house and it drives me ****ing insane Inlaws rarely pop over as MIL gives the impression she'll die or get mugged in our suburb, yet hers is the one with the latest shootings and stabbings We always have to go to their place.

    Unexpected it depends on who, friends its bad cos Im using in my dags and have a million cleaning chores being done on the go at once. Family well meh, they have seen me my whole life and in my scary glory
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    Default Do you enjoy having visitors over? if not, why not?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigZ View Post
    I'm not keen on it coz our house is small and we have a lot of stuff it always feels messy so if anyone comes I want to know about it first, I don't like drop ins. I hate playing host coz I'm not really a coffee drinker so I forget to offer it. And I hate when they stay and I'm ready for them to leave. I feel like I have to entertain them and can't do anything I want to do. Plus I get all worked up about them coming and have to clean everything even if it is clean already.
    That's me exactly 😳


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