Hi, my 7 week old son has had silent rflux since he was 3 weeks old and has been on Losec suspension since then. The Losec worked a littlefor a week or so and then stopped doing anything. Went back to the GP as i thought it may have been to dosage, but that was increased and is still not helping him. I am lucky to get 20 mins sleep out of him after a feed in the day before he is back up screaming again. However he sleeps on avaerage 8-9 hours in the evening.

Has anyone got any suggestions to help me, i have tried every trick in the book. Seen my ped and he has told me just to continue on the Losec, but i don't see the point if it's not helping.

I am also bottle feeding him on NAN Pro Gold and adding Karicare thickner to his bottles. Elevated his matress, burping him well so he has no wind to give him pain. It's horrible seeing him scream in so much pain and i am going mad trying to help him.

Thanks, Mel