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    Default I don't know what happened?!

    Please help,

    I have a 7month old bub who was waking 4-5 times a night and I decided to give controlled crying a go using the 2,4,6,8,10 minute intervals. I was apprehensive at first as I have a 2 year old who I didn't want to wake. So i sent him to grandmas for the first night.

    Izaiah suprised us by going to sleep on the 10 minute timer the first time. Then over night he woke once for a feed at 11pm and then he woke again at 3am but went back to sleep during the 4 minute timer so hubby and I actually got a decent night sleep. On the second day 1st nap 6 minute timer, 2nd nap 10minute timer, night 4 minute timer and didn't need the timer at all over night. I started thinking that this was fabulous, that it was working, that i'd get sleep but hello and behold....day 3

    started off ok went to sleep for 1st nap at 6 minute timer but then refused to go down for second nap, took 3 10 minute timers before he fell asleep. going to bed at night was fine but last night he woke up 5 times!!! he refused to go back to sleep and in the end i gave in and rocked him because i'd been up for 1hour and a half. We fed him, teething gelled him and in the end gave him some panadol but nothing worked. This morning he also refused to go down for his nap. I gave in again and rocked him because he was so hysterical and i couldn't calm him down.

    What happened?? It was working so well and now he gets hysterical. I'm worreid about making a bad assosiation with sleep for him and that he thinks i'm abandoning him now that he's taking forever to go to sleep. I was happy when he'd be asleep by the first 10 minute timer because he wasn't crying all that much but now he's acting like its the end of the world!

    Any help??

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    Hang in there, get a little tougher and don't give up! He's figured out if he cries enough you'll come and cuddle him.
    We went through this with DD, we tried CC ourselves, no success... went and got advice and decided she needed to CIO. This isn't for everyone, but IME when I went in and tried to resettle DD it only ever upset her more. If you break the routine at any time in the first few weeks you're almost back to square one...
    The best advice I was given was insist on them sleeping themselves the night and first morning nap, do whatever you need to do in the afternoon to keep your sanity. Pick your fight and stick to your guns, it is not easy or natural to let your baby cry but sometimes it is necessary. I found within a fortnight of settling her to sleep myself in the afternoon, it became quicker and a easier to just put her down in her cot... rocking in mummy's arms was a fun novelty lol!
    It will get better but only if you stick with it, no exceptions.
    Also, when he took half an hour to sleep on day three did you maybe miss a sleep cue? Once DD is overtired she can take a while to fall asleep. In our house the instant she yawns or rubs those eyes EVERYTHING gets dropped and we switch to nap routine.

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