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    Default Re: *fluff* how did you meet your OH?

    I was dating this guy when i was 18 and went round to his mates place for a bbq and i remember meeting this guy and seeing him interact with his gf I thought 'thats the kind of guy you marry' - me and current bf were only starting out and i really wanted to see where it went - needless to say a few months later it was over but i kept running into this other guy all the time (he worked at the club we frequented) and became pretty good friends in our own right - over the next 12mths we just couldn't get our timing right - either he was with someone or I was and i was never quite sure if he really liked me 'that way' - then one night I was out clubbing with a friend and ran into him (by this stage he no longer worked in the clubs so rarely seen him) a dance and a drink later my friend conveniently 'disappeared' and DH took his moment and asked me out - 8.5yrs, 3 kids, a wedding and house later we couldn't be happier and to this day I still can't believe I married the ACTUAL guy I thought was just the TYPE I was looking for

    sent from my happy place while I steal 5min for myself

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    we met at a work christmas function. we made sneeky eye contact across the room and were introduced briefly. it wasn't until 7-8 months later, after the loss of my twins, the break up of my EXP and i, that we became friends. i was kind of dating someone when we started to get close but she was gorgeous and persued me until i came to my senses.
    5 inseparable years together this november and currently TTC our 1st rainbow babe at the moment.
    she is the princess in my fairytale life i couldn't imagine being without her <3


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