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    Default This time I want to breast feed!!

    Hi All

    Need some advise please
    I am almost 27 weeks pregnant. I am desperate to BF this time. My DS was born at 37 weeks with IUGR due to PE. He was 2.2 kilos and didnt latch on. I was also told to give him formula and express my BM for him which I did but I had such a crap supply and it hurt so bad that i stopped. My mum kept saying I would wake up one morning (a few days after DS was born) and have full milk heavy boobs and I didn't! LOL This time I will probably have a small early baby again and I want baby to be "fed" BUT I am sooo desperate to BF! My boobs feel very different this pregnancy, they are still the same smallish size b cup lol but they feel kind of fuller and if I "milk" them I already have colostrom which I didnt have last time. So is there anything at all I can do now- or when baby is here- that will help my BF ability??
    Thanks all xxx

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    All I can say is get educated and get DETERMINED!!

    I had different bf issues to you so have no specific advice, but I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on about my issue, everything!! Rang ABA, asked every midwife I saw, watched videos, went to bf classes. Then, I TOLD everyone in my life (especially those close to me) that I WILL be bf until 6-12 months ++, and that if I develop an issue I am going to feed through it, that I WILL succeed no matter what, and how very important it is to me and my baby that I bf through any issues.

    Sure enough I had the same issues pop up, but I was so so determined that I told everyone I was feeding through it. Even my now ex said he did not support me in keeping going, and I told him i did not care, I did not need his support.
    I bf my third bubby until he was 2.5yo.

    So they are my big tips; education, and determination. Good luck.

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    Default This time I want to breast feed!!

    Talk to the ABA or a LC. Have some BFing teas/capsules to help with supply and you could even bake some of the BF cookies. I don't know if they work before bubs comes, but can't hurt!! You could also try expressing to get some milk in the freezer before bubs comes.

    I had a very low supply with DS - like 1/4 of what he needed and we had latch issues too, but had more with DD and she was a better latcher.

    Good luck - hope it works out for you

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    Default Re: This time I want to breast feed!!

    Please please please meet with the lactation nurse at the hospital. Even if everything comes together, still insist on an appointment. If you leave hospital before you get to see her, make an appointment and go back.

    Every midwife will give you different advice but the lactation specialist knows her sh1t!!

    And load up on lactation cookies!!

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    For me I went on the breastfeeding capsules "Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek' by Herbs of Gold and it was awesome. I had issues in the beginning with DD losing weight and the MCHN were trying to convince me to supplement so I started taking these capsules and it was AMAZING! I swear my boobs doubled in size and bubs hasnt looked back either. We also had issues latching as my nips are big and she wouldnt open her mouth wide enough so for about a month I was in extreme pain, but we persisted and have an amazing bf relationship.

    So amazing she is 9 mo and already 10kgs and in size 1!

    Good luck with it and if you believe you can do it and get all the supplements (cookies, etc) it will work!

    But if it doesnt there is no need to feel bad....at least you tried!

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    Some great advice here! I went to a breastfeeding class run by my hospital which helped a lot, the ABA offers similar classes. I also expressed colostrum before the birth, and froze it in 1 and 2 ml syringes. I didn't think I'd need it, but we had a few issues and the expressed colostrum was a life saver - it meant that he still got my milk and I could focus on learning to feed without worrying that he wasn't getting enough.

    Those first six weeks were a huge struggle, a nipple shield and some amazing midwives are the only reason we got there. 9 months down the track and we have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.

    Best of luck.


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