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    Let's not promote being a nanny state/country..

    Obviously everyone who partakes in the 40 hour famine knows they are going to be hungry and could have further complications.

    It is the individuals choice as to whether they drop out early, depending on their circumstances.

    I think it is good that kids/people get the opportunity to be passionate about something, even if it is just for a few weeks a year (to fund raise etc).

    There are some great life lessons to be learnt in partaking in events like these.

    Sporting events/marathons can be just as detrimental to a persons/child's health. So saying one is better then the other is silly.

    OP I am glad your daughter was doing better. Obviously she would have reached the end by now. Good on her for sticking to something she believes in. We need our future promises to be able to do things like that!

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    Default Should I put a stop to this

    Quote Originally Posted by Eko View Post
    From their own website:

    If you do decide to take part in a 'no-food' challenge please follow our age guidelines:
    • 14+ years: don't go more than 40 hours without food (8pm Fri –12noon Sun);
    • 11-13 years: don't go no more than 20 hours without food (8pm Fri – 4pm Sat);
    • 8-10 years: don't go more than 20 hours without food (6pm Fri – 2pm Sat).
    • If you're under 8-years-old, unwell or have any health or dietary concerns, you mustn't do the no-food 40 Hour Famine – choose another challenge instead.
    Omfg... They have guidelines for 8 years olds fasting? That's disgraceful. Negligence plain and simple. Bring on the nanny state and ban this fundraiser for kids!

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    I'm glad she was doing better OP.

    DD1 and her friends are all giving up something else (they have picked all different things) for the 40hour famine. DD1 couldn't even consider giving up food as it would be too dangerous with gymnastics training. DD1 and one of her friends are giving up furniture.

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