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    Default Experiences delivering at RDH hospital ( not the birth centre).

    I am preg with my third and my first two I had in the birth center at RDH - DD was a waterbirth and DS was a failed waterbirth but I spent most of my time in the water. Since they where born , demand for places has increased dramatically and although I am on the lists - I am not sure I will get a spot and I am DEVASTATED!! I started crying on the phone to the receptionist when she explained how it works now . Anyway - I need to know about experiences in the main hospital as I am preparing myself for this so I am not too disappointed if I don't get in. Where the staff friendly? Did you have heaps of midwives coming through? Where there lots of interventions pushed on you? Did they push for you to have an epidural? And episiotomy? Did you feel uncomfortable knowing people around you could hear you in labour? How about in early labour before being taken to the delivery rooms? Could others hear you? See you? Could you go home the same day if you wanted to? I am so shattered that I might not get in - I actually enjoy the labour process - ( although DS was a bit traumatic) but I like the idea of having the one midwive only, who I know, knowing no-one can hear or see me, knowing the staff with me are supportive of my natural birth choices even when I was asking for an epidural with DS ( he was 4.37kg and I got stuck for a while at 8cm...). I also have a condition called vulvodynia which is a condition which causes chronic pain around the vaginal entrance - pain so bad you can't wear undies at times or sit down. It's much better since having the kids but I just can not afford to have an episiotomy - I have enough problems as it is without a sutured wound that needs healing which is why I spent so much time in the water with both labours. Anyway - please share experiences - ( oh and I am not going the homebirth route or the private hospital route so it is either RDH or the birthcentre).

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    Hi ck2b

    I've just recently logged back onto Bubhub as I haven't been on here since leaving QLD 3 years ago and moving back to my hometown Darwin.

    I don't know if I am any help to you as I birthed my first DD at RDH delivery suite over 12years ago. They have just reopened the old delivery suite again on level 6, better then the temporary rooms they were using on level 7, newly renovated, More open space and bigger rooms. I'm pretty sure all the rooms had a curtain and also a door for privacy.

    I absolutely loved the CMP birthing centre down stairs. I was able to spend sometime down there on my placement a few weeks ago and actually saw my first birth since starting my BMID studies down in one of those rooms. I wish I had been given the opportunity to birth down there, so I know why you want to get the chance to birth there again. Fingers crossed for you that you will get in

    I will be placed in the RDH delivery suites again in the middle of October this year. I look forward to finding out a lot more about the hospitals procedures in regards to some of your questions mentioned above as well.

    Maybe take a birth plan in with you to show your midwife next at your antenatal appointment. Maybe she can help answer some of the questions there-and-then to help you feel more in control of your birth again like you did with the birthing centre )

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    I had my DD there but it was almost 10 years ago. I was induced as I was overdue, but overall it was a positive experience. I had one mw who tried to push an epidural on me but she was from Gove and doing some course or something and eventually one of the other mw told her to back off. The mw on the postnatal ward were really great- HEAPS of support with bfeeding. My SIL had twins there and theywere really supportive of a drug-free spontaneous vaginal birth which is pretty rare too. I think third child with no complications you could go home early.

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    I hope this isn't too late for you But I'll write it anyway because someone else might like it?

    I had my first daughter there in 2010 and it was lovely. You could only hear other women sometimes, when they screamed REALLY loudly as they were pushing the baby out. Otherwise, you were in your own world.

    Some of the rooms are small. Cosy. I liked them. They have two large rooms especially for water birth. You have to let the midwives know in advance if you want to use those rooms, because the pool won't fit in the smaller rooms. I ended up in a larger room and didn't like it because it felt too big. If you water birth, you have to clean up yourself (or rather, you have to have a friend or hubby or mother clean up afterwards) and you have to get a large bit of plastic to line the birth tub. The midwives can tell you where to get that.

    I found the midwives lovely. Very non judgmental. I actually got a lift off my father into hospital, and never once did anyone blink an eye, or assume he was my father OR husband. They handled it very nicely. At one point Dad was all "Err, do you want me to leave the room?" and the nurse said "it's up to you. I'm just going to do an internal examination. If you stay up there you won't see anything, but other people prefer to leave the room. It just depends what sort of family you are."

    My mother was on nightshift when I went into labour, so she had been awake for over 24 hours. At one point it got too much, so they made her a bed on the floor and made her nap. At the time I was ****ed- how DARE you order my mum to nap, or to kick her out if she doesn't???!!!!- but in hindsight, mum and I agreed the nurse was right. My mother totally needed to be ordered to take a nap. The midwives knew when they had to be a boss. They also knew when to disappear, and when to stay close. They're the same midwives from the birthing centre, I think. I believe they do it in shifts?

    You can leave 4 hours after giving birth if you want to, if all is well.

    My daughter's father was away with the army, and I was 20 when I gave birth. I never felt like anyone judged me for not having a partner, or my age.

    After I gave birth, my daughter was kept in her own cot by my bed the whole time. I actually ended up bringing her into my own bed. Aside from hearing a few nurses discussing this- they didn't like it, didn't think it was safe- to my face they were always kind, lovely and respectable. And very supportive.

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