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    Default my daughter isnt naughty, shes exploring..

    my mum has been staying with us for the past week as she doesnt live close to us. She has given me a wonderful "break" by entertaining dd.
    I just dont like the way she "tells dd off" i mean, isnt that my job anyways? she always gets in to tell her off before i have a chance to tell her, it's ok! im watching her! or dont tell her off yet!... she's just looking!
    She is CONSTANTLY using the word NO and calling her a "naughty girl" when she gets into the rubbish bin, picks up car keys, opens doors she shouldnt, playins in the dogs food....ect
    Those are words i dont use towards my daughter. She is 18mths and very explorative and i just set her some boundaries and use other words than no and callling her 'naughty' - because she's not naughty at all, shes being curious.

    She doesnt explain why she's calling her a naughty girl so dd doesnt even know what she's done "wrong'?.....she doesnt even do anything 'wrong' by me she just explores the world like she does everyother day.

    I want to bring it up with mum but she's likely to ignore me and believe she is doing everything right because she's raised 3 kids.
    Its my house, my daughter, my rules and we dont use NO or NAUGHTY GIRL.

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    Default Re: my daughter isnt naughty, shes exploring..

    I'd just say exactly that. You can't punish a child without telling them why, and you certainly shouldn't punish them for exploring their world.
    I think you should just say what you've said here, it seems reasonable to me .


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