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    Default DF problems, please help.

    Is she in your room? If so when she wakes up I would be taking her out to the lounge or another room to feed her (making sure all the lights are off or low of course) if he is going to get cranky at night and yell at her then just remove her from his room so he can't do it. I know he is soo wrong for doing that in the first place but if you take her out of the room at least he is less likely to yell which would stress you and and could keep her up longer (if she can feel you are stressed) good luck

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    Default DF problems, please help.

    When we had ds, dd was 22 months old. I would have to lay down with dd each night while she settled to sleep. It was just a phaze. Having a newborn too meant dh had to take newborn ds for that 1/2 hour.

    Dh just didn't cope- most guys feel powerless with newborns and get angry because nothing works at witching hour (which lasts more like 5-6 hours).

    I used to get upset when dh would say "can't we put that baby outside and shut the door?" in the evenings when ds would cry inconsolably.

    It's a hard stage. Guys are a lot better with older babies/children. My dh is the best father I could hope to have for my kids now. He was just crap at thd newborn/ baby stage.

    Hang in there op. By 6-7 months it will be a lot easier.


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