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    Default Formula vs goat/cows milk

    Hi my DD is just about to turn one, so I am new to this page!!

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on following on with formula or moving on to goats milk or cows milk?

    I ask because we were on the Nan HA untill they changed it, now we are on the aptimal gold, dd is fine on it but not sure if I should follow on or move to the fresh stuff?

    Just wanting to know who has done what and why?


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    Default Formula vs goat/cows milk

    I kept DS on his stage 2 goat formula until I thought he was getting all his daily nutrient intake from his food ( about 18 months) I think goat milk is better than cow but neither have all the vitamins and minerals that formula does, plus dairy hinders iron absorption , now at 22 months he has a smoothie every afternoon with either A2/goat or almond milk ( whatever I have open!) or just drinks water

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    Default Re: Formula vs goat/cows milk

    This is just my opinion and what I did with DD, she just turned 2, and I took her off Formula just before her birthday.

    She wasn't a good eater due to medical issues that over a long time caused her to have aversions to many foods.

    I now have re-trained her (forcwant of a better word) to be able to eat most food groups again.

    The only thing she is still funny about is meat/chicken/fish etc. But she gets lotsvof other things for protein, iron etc.

    IMO, only you know if your bub eats enough to cover her daily intake, so if you want to continue formula, do it. (Also, BF'ing guidelines reccommend continuing to 2 years at least, so for me it was a no brainer.)

    I wouldn't go with the "toddler milk" or follow on formula as IMO, it is just as good to give them the 2nd stage and just reduce the amount of bottles per day.

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    Default Formula vs goat/cows milk

    Thanks for the input, DD eats really well most days, cereal and whole wheat toast for breakfast as well as her berries, lunch is usually some form of veggie soup with avocado and cheese sandwich or some poached eggs, afternoon snack is yogurt and some apple or pear( hates banana) can't get her to eat it and dinner is pasta with meat or fish and steamed veggies if there is room maybe some berries for desert! She has a really good balanced diet I think?? Has all the food groups. I have been giving her goats milk in her cereal for a few weeks now and she really seems to like it!! I think I will continue with formula for a while longer untill she drops the 3rd bottle and just move her onto goats or A2 milk once her portion sizes increase a little.
    Thanks again

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    Default raw organic goat milk rocks

    Dear Mama of 1
    I wonder if you are still curious about this, and hope
    this might be useful for you or anyone in our situation.

    My daughter is breast fed
    and I also supplement this with raw organic goats milk.
    I wanted to reply to this because I had to do so much research on this topic
    and could not find much on forums etc.
    here's what i did and why.

    I needed to find a supplement to breast milk because I was going to have a surgery
    during the first year of my daughter's life. ( I could choose when but actually
    I've hung on with my condition and she is now 17 months old - i will have the surgery in two months )

    So once she turned a year old I decided to start semi weaning
    and supplementing to get her ready for the switch.
    I did not know which to go with - goat or cow
    or even a formula.

    Firstly, In my research i found that
    the best best supplement to breast milk
    for a baby is

    in my research the pro's of using goat milk had more ticks in this box then any other animal / or formula
    and it is the most used way for centuries around the world.
    it also felt right to me, and that is a my first and most important
    barometer with anything to do with my little one.

    The only caution I would say for using raw organic goat milk - for those who won't read the rest of this- is to
    make sure you do research on how to keep raw goat milk, how to transport it,
    and its shelf life. very veyr important due to bacteria that can be there if hygene is poor.

    for a while i was not sure if i would be able to find a actual goat
    whose farm i could see and whose milk was organic.
    so out of say frozen organic goat milk,
    and a fresh organic cow's milk
    which one would i get ?

    Since my daughter would be
    a year old, I'd have got the fresh organic cows milk.
    to freeze milk means alot of stuff is lost in the process.

    But absolute best apart from breast milk would be raw organic goats milk. This has been used by mothers all over the world for centuries.

    Out of a goat milk formula and organic cow milk - i would have gone with
    cow milk fresh.
    I did give her this for a while when the goat stopped milking,
    and I made sure that the cows were from the closest local area
    ( Norco organic cow milk is often from local farmer's cows = all that stuff makes a difference )

    I did very thorough research on how to keep the raw goats milk
    hygencially. If it goes rancid this can be very dangerous bacteria,
    so education on how to keep it, and carefull hygiene is the essential,

    If you want more information from me on raw milk which is what i use
    and how i do that, and how long i keep it for etc. let me know.


    ps. Also If i had a choice between NOT ORGANIC goat and ORGANIC COW milk
    i would pick

    I do not recommend using NON ORGANIC MILK for any baby for any reason.
    there are just too many hormoney things in there,
    and in goats milk - they put a chemical in there for worms that is pretty intense
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