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    Default Solids and Formula Feeds

    Hi All

    My DD is just about 6 months and has been having solids since 4.5 months and loves it.

    Before starting solids she was having 4 x 240ml bottles. She is still having 4 bottles but I can hardly get her to even have 100ml some feeds (probably 3 out of 4 feeds).

    I ALWAYS give bottle first. Even her 1st bottle of the day she is lucky to have 80mls/100mls.

    I know that their milk intake goes down once solids are established but I didn't expect this much! I have been mixing some milk into her food, so she gets more.

    She is loving the food, seems happy, healthy and is sleeping well.

    Should I be concerned?

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    I'm not the only one then! I've been going through this with DD for about a month now, she's just turned 6mo. Most days we're lucky to get 450mL into her! I've spoken to my GP and MCHNs about it and they agreed as long as she's not dehydrated and is eating a variety of food she'll be fine. My GP was happy that she eats yoghurt every day (her favourite!).
    I've changed my routine a little this week and have had her drinking a little more milk by stretching her feeds out. She's started taking 100 to 180mL instead of the 60 to 70mL she was...

    0530 bottle (200mL) then back to bed
    0730 breakfast
    0930 nap
    1030 bottle
    1130 yoghurt and finger foods
    1230 nap
    1330 lunch
    1430 bottle
    1530 nap
    1700 bottle, dinner, bath
    1830 bed, she sleeps through
    Hope this helps a little... but if she's happy I wouldn't stress


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